Sleigh ride in Zakopane Poland


Sleigh ride in Zakopane

is one of the most beautiful winter attractions in Poland and an unforgettable experience. You want to feel the highland atmosphere and see the picturesque landscapes of the Tatra Mountains wrapped in snow. Be sure, let yourself be carried away by a unique adventure that you will remember for years.

From the hoof the sleigh rides

Where to go for a sleigh ride? Although, sleigh rides in Zakopane take place in various places, tourists, however, most often choose those organized in the Chocholowska Valley. Not without reason, as this is the longest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, which, is located in the protected area of the Tatra National Park. In winter this place in its white coat looks extremely picturesque. Here you can delight in the most beautiful glades, forests and mountain landscapes to your heart’s content.

Zakopane robber sleigh ride

If you ask a highlander what a sleigh ride is, he would probably quickly answer that it is the best and unforgettable ride in a horse-drawn sleigh with highlander singing, refreshments and a bonfire. What more can be added? Without a doubt, it’s a great way to spend your winter leisure time in Zakopane with family or friends.

And now for some details – a sleigh ride in Zakopane usually lasts from an hour to several hours, depending on the offer of the organizer, who additionally offers it with other attractions. First of all, with a traditional highland campfire, live music from Podhale and tasty regional refreshments. A sleigh ride with a band? Of course! An unforgettable encounter with bandits during this winter attraction in Zakopane is something you really remember for years. Kulig: Zakopane is all about singing, dancing and having fun!

New Year’s Eve in Zakopane? Christmas in the mountains? Christmas in the Tatra Mountains …

No doubt about it: New Year’s Eve torchlight sleigh ride
If you want to take away great memories from the mountains, decide on a sightseeing sleigh ride and a trip to the most beautiful place in the Tatra Mountains. You dream of an atmosphere like in a fairy tale, i.e. snowy trees and mountain peaks – choose a magical sleigh ride in Chocholowska Valley. Here you will take extraordinary photos to brag about on Instagram and Facebook!

Why this place? First of all, because of the snow, which here persists from December until April! Another advantage is: peace and quiet. The valley is excluded from car traffic! In winter it is walked only by tourists looking for magical places in the Tatras!

What other choices do you have? Some sleigh rides in Zakopane take place after dark which undoubtedly adds to the romantic mood. Imagine you are riding in a wooden sleigh harnessed to white horses. All around you is a winter wonderland, the snow glistens in the light of torches and the sky shines brightly from the moonlight… That’s how special an evening sleigh ride is.

Zakopane 2023 sleigh ride? Absolutely!

Definitely a sleigh ride in Zakopane is a real feast for the eyes and soul! Who has been can confirm! Sleigh ride in Zakopane – opinions? We checked, here are some of them:

“Sleigh ride Zakopane? Revelation! Beautiful Chocholowska valley and a bonfire in a very picturesque place by a stream overlooking Giewont. Food delicious,” wrote Ewa Szewczyk

“Dream sleigh ride – my birthday present – the best, most beautiful, most offbeat birthday,” remarked Sylwia

Kondrat, giving a rating of 5/5 gave the following review: “We were with our son on a sleigh ride. Feast before the sleigh ride very cool and fun. Sausages, oscypki, bread, side dishes, delicious tea everything as it was supposed to be and there was no shortage until the end …”

Who to choose? We recommend the only official organizer of sleigh rides in Zakopane –

Sleigh ride Zakopane price

A sleigh ride is not expensive if you take into account everything it offers. For one price you get transportation, sleigh ride, bonfire, feast, music and fun. It’s much more than a simple trip to the mountains!


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